Watches by Hugo Boss

Although a modern man is surrounded by clock everywhere in contemporary world - from clock on his cell phone to clock on his computer or in his car, high precision watch has become a staple of an accomplished style conscious person. A high precision timepiece now is an essential accessory and fashion statement suggesting upbeat business casual urban lifestyle.

The way you use it and interact with it now is a staple of your lifestyle. With so much going on and endless, and, yes urgent, information streaming in real time - it is easy to earn the reputation of self obsessed or simply rude. The good news is there is nothing that you can’t fix with a good instagram feed - your devoted 10,000 following will love you just the way your life looks in pictures.

The Successful Brand for Successful People.

Since Hugo Boss watches are all about style, let’s talk about the fine art of matching watches to your wardrobe. Here are the key watch types by design and functionality. Originally each type have been designed to be used in different situations and offer a set of different features from being elegant to being waterproof. Your choice is your lifestyle.

Coordinate your style with the right type of watch

Dress watch - understated design with classic leather or metal wristband (white metal or gold) designed to wear with business casual to formal wear.

Diver watch - although the tradition of divers watch precedes the invention of scuba and the need to check in with the time under water, and is waterproof. The wristbands now are usually are made of modern materials (something like ballistic nylon as in NATO style strap). Surprisingly, some pretty classic Breitling and Rolex timepieces do boast being waterproof at up to 10,000 feet, which should attest more to the durability of the watch and its superior design. Will look cool with anything you can wear under water and on the boat, and on the way there.

Chrono watch - This type of watch combines stopwatch with the regular watch dial, it also boasts an independent hand that helps to register smaller increments of time. It was invented originally to track astronomic objects and has found multiple uses since. It works well with sophisticated casual, or business casual clothing and accessories.

Pilot watch - although you might not fly your own play that frequently, chronograph is a must as well as leather band should come along with a worn leather jacket and longing for undiscovered horizons( aviator glasses might slightly overdo it). It may add a touch of interest to casual business wear.

Military/Tactical - You might not figure out what all the dials are for even after using it for a couple of years - but it certainly looks aggressive, outdoorsy and well illuminated at night. To be worn with casual clothing, camo, looks cool for ATV trips and hunting gear. Hands on adventure is the key here.

Field watch - Should be tough enough for the field, a lighter version of military, if you will. A fever less dials, but still the same requirements for durability. It has to be ready for any adventure you may embark on, even if it is in the depth of urban jungle.

Sport watch - This category of watch has gone through a dramatic change over its history - from very subtle design pointing to your slight inclination to sports, to actually doing all the hard work tracking your time while you are training for a charity marathon, offering you just practicality and function at the same time. Now the watches are being tailored to just about any type of sports and help you to train and perform better. But don’t forget to take it off once the training is done.

Whatever your style or mood is there is a Hugo Boss branded timepiece to go with it. Stay away from major style faux pas like wearing dress watch with your favorite stretched t-shirt and jeans (as if you do not own any other watch) or sports or military watch with business suit or shirt. Anything in between will be safe and definitely will add that extra subtle touch of sophistication. © 2018